We decided to visit Yemen in 2008. We got in touch with a local travel agent who organized the key services for us. The Ministry of Interior provided us with an escort of four local policemen, who accompanied us everywhere. In Sana’a we were based at the Movenpick hotel, a nice and modern hotel almost […]

Yemen is an extraordinary country. It was the center of a great civilization (the Kingdom of the Queen of Sheba) and an engine of cultural and economic development for the entire Arabic peninsula.  Unfortunately, today the country is going through political torments and economic decline. Visiting Yemen is not easy. Many areas are dangerous. The […]

We had a great time in Guatemala. The country is simply fabulous. Travelers discover active volcanos, colonial architecture which has remained intact for centuries and extraordinary Maya sites such as Tikal. Maya villages and markets are an explosion of colors. The strong Catholic faith imposed by Spanish missionaries has mixed with old Mayas traditions, producing unusual forms of spiritualism such […]

My first visit encouraged me to go back in 2011 with family and friends. The civil war is over but the security situation in the country remains quite poor. Kidnappings and violence are a major issue and traveling at night is not recommended. For this reason, we had to take a number of precautions and were accompanied at all […]

Guatemala. A country with the highest percentage of indigenous population in South America. The civil war between government army and landlord militias on one side and guerrilla (supported by the indigenous population) on the other ended with the signature of a peace agreement in 1996. I visited the country for the first time in 1997, when I was […]

I was so impressed that I decided to do something to encourage other to discover this country . With the support of the Sri Lankan government, in November 2012 I organized in Colombo the 2nd Aviation Human Capital Summit.  And there I was, back in Sri Lanka. This time in an official capacity. And again, I enjoyed every […]

We also had the opportunity to discover a wonderful nature with mountains, hills, rivers and a beautiful sea. We met on our way elephants, cobras, buffalos, giant iguanas and – believe it or not – even one leopard ! The most pleasant surprise were the people. The majority of Singhalese are Buddhists. They are warm, gentle and friendly […]

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country. On a very small surface (locals call Sri Lanka “a tear of India”) we found astonishing architectural sites. Sigiriya (a royal palace built on the top of a rock), Dambulla (caves covered by Buddhist paintings) and the statues of the Polonnaruwa site are breath-taking world wonders. Definitely, a must […]

Sri Lanka. A country emerging from a long war between the government and the Tamil separatist movement LTTE, known as “the Tamil tigers”. After a 26-years’ military campaign, the Sri Lankan Army defeated and virtually eliminated the Tamil Tigers in May 2009. The price paid by the population to this long civil war has been terrible, but the large […]

We had an exceptionally interesting experience in the Guajira. Breath-taking landscapes, primitive communities, deserts and pristine beaches, animals of all kinds (alligators, snakes, pink flamingos, wild-boars) and no tourists around us. A fantastic experience. The team was as always cheerful and coping well with the lack of comfort. One teenager captured a 8-centimeter long scorpion […]